Who is Ella, her beliefs, her story...

Hello! My name is Ella, a Tarot card reader and esoterics practitioner.

My Story With Tarot

Despite the fact that my acquaintance with esotericism and fortune-telling occurred in early childhood (when I saw my grandmothers and cousins doing readings on regular playing cards), it was only many years later that I made a decision to thoroughly immerse myself in this field.  A great role in my development and establishment as a Tarot card reader played the Russian school of Tarot “Gate of Isis” and it’s teachers to whom I am thankful with my whole heart for the solid and wise foundation they’ve given me. Today, I have a lot of respect towards this ancient, deep, and undoubtedly working oracle system. I have seen and experienced the benefits coming from Tarot many times and in many different ways. It was the Tarot deck that showed and “proved” to my restless critical mind that the subtle world exists and it has an impact on our everyday live. Needless to say, a human’s life remains multifaceted, and it’s influenced by a variety of things besides subtle structures. However, in my opinion, it would be a great omission to deny and to not use those wonderful instruments that the esoteric world gives us.  Most of all I enjoy using tarot cards as a tool for both personal and spiritual growth. Tarot gives incredible hints that kind of make you stop for a moment, listen to what’s important right now in your life and put there your whole attention in order to make the life journey even more exciting and pleasant. It inspires to act, move, change, it gives the direction. You only have to use it. And every time I see it WORKING, when people take the information and actually use it! It almost makes me cry! It’s just extremely beautiful to watch.  Aside from the personal growth, I gladly help people find answers to a wide variety of questions about their personal lives, career, relationships with people and with everyday issues. In general I can say that the range of the questions that are good to ask is quite large and it is definitely not limited to any of the areas aforementioned. There are, however, some questions with which I won’t be able to help you. in such cases I will recommend you to see other specialists. I will be glad to receive your messages with my contact form and start sharing the clues that are hidden within the Tarot arcana. Ella

My Values & Beliefs

The world is bigger than you think

In all senses. From the moment of birth we begin to acquire restrictions, prejudices and beliefs. They come from our culture, family, government, personality and so many other sources! Even our body in a way is also a restriction and limitation. And it’s all very useful and needed until the point when we realize that “the universe” we are used to is too small.  Being adults, we are able to gradually remove those layers that separate us from the BIG world, which has so many tones and tastes, good and bad, beautiful and ugly! In fact this world is so big that it has everything! And little by little, petal after petal, reaching the very depths of the reality, we can make our own, personal world bigger. And broaden the understanding of what is possible.

Truth, bitter or sweet, is ALWAYS helpful and good.

Trust me it is! It gives you freedom of choice. We get freedom the same moment we become responsible. And responsibility is acquired through looking directly into the truth

I'm here to manifest what I have to manifest.

And I will try to do it as frankly as I can. We are all different, we have different attitudes, values, desires, and missions. To create something of my very own and feel the resonance between me and the surrounding reality, and also to help people see what is THEIR own one – that is what really inspires me!

My Approach

Some people imagine destiny as a string stretched between two points: where you can neither take a step to the left, nor to the right. I personally prefer to define it using  this metaphor that portrays destiny as being a wide river, and a man controlling a boat while traveling towards the ocean.  The river has a direction and two bends, which can hardly be avoided by the boat. It also has stones, streams, little whirlpools and fish living inside. the boat will have to adjust to all of that. However, it’s the captain of the boat who decides which direction to choose, how fast to go and which places to avoid. Thus, when we, being captains, choose or accidentally appear in the shallows of our river-fate, we often experience crises and stagnation, it is not easy  for our boat to move forward. On the other hand, when we surrender to the stream and follow, in a sense, our mission, the  idea of our being, the life starts moving freely.  This feeling is just damn nice to experience! To follow “the river”, yet create the beautiful own path. I want to note that free will and fate are by no means contradictory concepts, they only complement and expand each other.  As a Tarologist, I need to truly understand where are you located in your river and what kind of boat you are piloting at the moment. Are you near the offshore in shallow water? Or maybe completely stuck in the reeds? Or you might be flying forward in full sail, enjoying the best time of your life? I’m here to find out what is happening right now in a part of your life, to look deep with a non-judgemental view into the core of the situation. Later, using this information and the advice of the cards we will find together, a solution to the situation, think of your own way out of the reeds back into the stream. If you are already there it’s the perfect time to find a way to expand your current situation, to help others around you and bring them along the ride.  I mostly encourage transformation, change when it is necessary, be unique, do what you can, do what you like and be with people that are meant to be around. The  consultations that I provide are not about seeing the future and figuring out whether my ex-boyfriend will propose to me or not (the future is very flexible, especially if it’s physical). My readings are meant for you to get a clear picture of what is your next step. I will empower you to answer questions like: Why am I in this current situation? What is the best thing to do?, Which decision should I make?  You will have full control to make these decisions through acquired knowledge and not because I told you so. You’re the only one who can change your life and I can only guide you in the right directions to find your path. If we go back to our analogy I will be your radar and sonar but you will be the captain of your life.