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Frequently Asked

Can tarot readings have a bad influence in my life or make me do things I don’t really want to?

Tarot readings cannot change anything unless you are willing to do it yourself. You are the one in full control of your decisions and choices. For example you will not be able to find a job if you do not look for it. But it can certainly help you understand what is the best way to find a new job if you decide to go look for one.

To be more Specific, the answer to this question has two parts.
Firstly, it’s not as easy to influence our lives or bring any sort of thing into it without our permission.
And secondly, Tarot is not the right instrument for attracting anything physical Into reality. It mostly helps you to read your book of life. However, you remain the one writing it. Be courageous in your journey!

Is it bad luck to have a tarot reading?

No it isn’t, no matter how many times you hear that it is bad because you will get influenced by what you hear, it all depends on you. 

What if there is something bad in my future? Can you simply not mention it if there's anything wrong?

I won’t be able to keep it secret, however, something “terrible” appears on the table very rarely. Worst case scenario: you’ll be prepared for what’s coming and will have an idea of what to do!

Can you tell me if someone will fall in love with me? Will we get married? Will I get a job that pays well?

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to give you answers on such questions. The creation of your life is taking place every day and you are the one to make choices. I can only look at the trend and describe the course that you are on. It’s also important to remember that as much as you have free will, others have it as well, hence I cannot speak for others, I can only say what the cards are telling me about you.

Are you a clairvoyant?

Nope! I read Tarot cards.

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