Home rituals are magic! They can make our homes feel cozy and safe, they bring joy and help your guests feel welcomed while visiting. Although the word “ritual” tends to imply a serious meaning, I personally prefer to make little rituals out of dozens of things we do on an everyday basis. Which makes the “ritual” something very simple, fun, and yet enriching and useful. 

Why do I need any rituals in the first place?

People usually spend A LOT of time at their homes. Think about it; even if you only come home to spend a night and go back to work in the morning, 7 hours of your life have passed in this space. Normally we sleep, rest, eat, play with our kids and animals, and sometimes we could even work from home. All this is inherent in our everyday lives and it definitely has an impact on both our conscious and subconscious.
“definitely the environment where we live in has an impact on both our conscious and subconscious.”
In many cases it is not only possible to grasp the nature of a person just by looking at their home, but also we can perceive the state of mind the person might have at that moment. Through making changes at home, adding little details, playing with colours, we can work with our mood, control the level of satisfaction with our life and increase the general feeling of relaxation. Try some of the hints below and see what happens!

Step 1. Physical touch.

I would recommend starting the cleaning by getting rid of some of the accumulated things that we don’t need or don’t use anymore. Most of us live in the world of consumption: we buy tons of things, we take a lot of gifts, and all of that keeps growing in piles. Best case scenario we find all that somewhere in a dark pantry. Worst case: it stays on the open shelves of living rooms and bedrooms. Look around and ask yourself the following questions:
  • How many objects do you have?
  • Which of these things are dearly loved?
  • Am I using certain things regularly?
  • Could I store things that are only used seasonally?
  • What am I simply keeping at the same place because it is a pity to throw out?
You might even find a few things that you do not need and do not have an emotional attachment for. I prefer, if possible, to keep only what I like AND use on a regular basis or seasonally. The rest I give out or ruthlessly throw it away. Getting rid of (I am sorry to say it) junk is a big step by itself. I’ve seen and heard how people literally can breath easier when the piles of rubbish leave their life forever. The next step, I personally think, it is optional, although someone can argue with me.

Step 1.1

“Do whatever makes your home appealing to you.”
I am talking about sorting stuff out. This step might be optional to me, simply because I imagine there are people who like organized chaos, when everything is within their sight. If you find yourself in this group, you can skip this step. Do whatever makes your home appealing to you. I consider myself as a type of person that likes when most things are out of sight. When everything is arranged in boxes, drawers or lockers, then you can only see a few islands of chaos (in which, nevertheless, everything is well thought out). If you are the same, try to find sorting pieces of furniture or make them by yourself. And again, try to choose such boxes that pleases the eye and click with you.

Step 1.2

Before you start working with the energy of your home, never disregard the general cleaning: clean the floors, remove the dust from the shelves, wash the mirrors and windows.

Step 2. Subtle touch.

Now you can begin to clean up the energy of the house. There are quite a few ways to purify energies of your home. I’m sure you can find some interesting ideas on the Internet. I suggest a fairly simple method that I use myself. The only materials that you need are thin wax candles (they should quickly burn out), it’s even better if you have church candles or any energy charged candles. Rooms must be cleansed one by one, in no particular order. Light one candle in each corner of a room, in the case of having corner furniture, place the candle by the corner which is formed between the piece of furniture and the wall. A room that has niches in the walls, can be used to put candles in there as well (or several of them, depending on the size of the niche). Once all the candles are set, get out of the room (ask your roommates and family members leave the room also; if possible, bring your animals to another room) and wait until the candles burn out entirely. The same process can take place in all other rooms except for the bathroom (in case you have your toilet separate from the bathroom, you can do it in that piece as well). This can be enough for you.
“visualize the beautiful and bright white light coming from the middle of your chest. Each breath expands this light until it fills the whole room.”

Step 2.1

However, here is another great technique. After the candles have burnt out, go into the room, sit or lie down in the centre of the room and meditate on the white light. To do so close your eyes, immerse yourself in the body and visualize the beautiful and bright white light coming from the middle of your chest. Each breath expands this light until it fills the whole room. Sit and breathe like that visualizing the light for several minutes. When you feel that it’s “enough”, repeat the same process in the next room.

This method of energy cleaning is more than enough for six months. If you want to make a quick cleanup process after, for example, a difficult conversation held in the apartment lighting candles and ventilating the space well is usually enough!

On my next post I explain in depth about how to enrich your home with good vibes once it has been cleansed.