Enriching the house is as important as cleansing. Here are some tricks I often use when I have the need to make my space feel more comfortable.



The first thing I do when I move to a new place is paint a couple of walls. The reason is that colors are therapeutic in many ways. I carefully check each wall and corner, and see which room could use some color and how much of it. You can find online the “character” or “personality” of each color and which sort of energy it brings to an area or you could simply try to feel it and figure out which one is needed the most right now.

My husband, for example, taught me a trick with the red wall. We always paint one wall in our living room nice red color. Red for us is active, moving, it’s fire, chaos, love and life. It keeps us warm in the cold winter and brings our moods up during the gloomy days.

“fresh air. If the place where you live allows you to do so, open your windows daily to always keep the circulation of air.”



Have you ever noticed the effect that nature has on the body? How relaxing could be a walk in a forest or swimming in a big lake? Even if you choose to live in the city, nature is a big part of us, we want it, we need it, we seek it. Bringing plants home is always an excellent idea, especially if you are good taking care of them. If you are not, you could find one that doesn’t require much attention.


Another piece that can be brought in from nature and make your home feel much better are rocks. Gemstones, precious rocks, or simple small pebbles; they all have a character and a certain “vibe”. Did you know that some cultures use gemstones as healing tools? There is a bunch of information on this topic that you can find online or in books (I might write something about it in the future). Keep in mind that when buying, especially precious stones, there is a pretty high chance that they might not be real. Could be colored glass or even plastic. Do your research before buying, get to know your seller or go directly to nature and collect your own rocks.


Just like colors, smells affect your mood and state of mind indirectly. There are aphrodisiacs, smells that can calm you down, smells that make you want to eat, and many others, each having a unique quality. Organic soy candles made with essential oils and plants are always a good choice to set the mood for a day. Scent sticks, oils, fresh food, plants, everything works. What comes before any of that however, is fresh air. If the place where you live allows you to do so, open your windows daily to always keep the circulation of air.


Your home LOVES music. This one doesn’t need any further elaboration. 🙂


Sleep is extremely important. Although the amount of sleep hours needed varies for each one of us, we all have to get a good rest. Many times the way we function depends just on that. Thus, it is our responsibility to make the space where we sleep as comfortable and appealing for us as possible. First of all, it’s good to have separate rooms for different activities, your bedroom, ideally should be separate from your study/work area or your dining space. If you live in a studio, a curtain or a room divider might help. Second, the mattress/surface you sleep on has to be healthy for your back and neck. Pillows are usually forgotten and kept in use for years, changing pillows every once in a while is something to consider as well.


There are two more rules I find most important and useful when it comes to the sleeping area. I try not to let any guests in. It’s my personal space which contains my worries, hopes and of course my dreams. Also, I try my best to never fight, get anxious, watch horror movies, bring any sort of distraction or too much movement to the bedroom. It’s important because I want to rest there, to have good dreams, and to feel fresh in the morning.

One last thing. It sounds kind of obvious to me but not for everyone apparently. Do not sit on your bed wearing stuff you wore outside of your apartment. Just don’t. No jeans temporary staying on your bed, no 3 minute naps in a dress you went out 3 hours ago. Keep the energies from the city away from your bed.


Altars are used in many religions as well as for magical rituals. I do not suggest to make one to appeal to specific creatures or a deity or to perform any specific rituals: this would require a lot of knowledge and preparation. My suggestion is to create a little corner for your meditation and your prayers regardless if it’s religious or not. Some people place icons or images of their God(s). Others put something symbolic or heartfelt to them. I suggest you to create a place for you to connect with yourself, to immerse deep inside, to talk to your God, the universe or anything that is bigger than thou. A space of silence, mindfulness and why not joy, use it when needed, every day if you wish so.

“A space of silence, mindfulness and why not joy…”