About meditation with Major Arcana

This article is all about meditation and meant to explain the usefulness of doing it with a Major Arcana.

Each Major Arcana of Tarot symbolically describes a certain type of energy manifested in this world. The energy of Major Arcana usually comes to our lives without intention. To be more accurate, the “Magician” arrives and plants a seed of a wonderful idea inside a human’s mind. The world arcana comes and suddenly life events acquire a state of tender harmony. We become extremely inspired, and everything works!

“Get to know the high Arcana, feel the resonance with them and even ask for something.”
Although, as I mentioned before, normally Major Arcana comes to someone’s life without any control. It is possible to express our free will and touch these energies slightly, get to know them, feel the resonance with them and even ask for something. This can be done through various kinds of meditation for which you’ll need illustrations of Major Arcana. If you own a Tarot deck that has a symbolism of one of the classical Tarot systems; you can easily take the necessary Arcana out of the deck and do your meditation. However, I do have to say that it’s more comfortable to do this practice using bigger sizes of illustrations.

Why Meditate?

Firstly, getting acquainted with a Major Arcana thins your “sensible” apparatus. It often helps to get to know your type of psychic sensation. You may find yourself seeing these energies. Or hearing something coming from them. Or even knowing and somehow feeling the essence of it. Secondly, this practice is very useful for tarologists. A tarologist will be able to feel and define a big spectrum of Major Arcana. You may learn to feel the arrival of the Arcana into your life, later you will be able to use it’s energy to beautifully fly through the chain of events of your life. And finally, you can ask the Major Arcana for help, for an answer or for a clue; you can, to be quite frankly here, simply make a wish.
“you can ask the Major Arcana for help, for an answer or for a clue; you can, to be quite frankly here, simply make a wish”

Before giving you the technique I want to talk a bit about the types of requests that are possible to make while meditating.

Requests vary depending on the competence of a Major Arcana. A good example for this would be: the “area” of the Empress arcana is love, family, romantic relations, and children. Imagine a woman who wants to ask for a long-awaited pregnancy and instead of getting in touch with the Empress she does her meditation on The Magician. Now let’s think of what will be the chances of her request being heard by the Magician who is normally in favour of the great ideas and who is pretty far from the family-children area? The possibility will be very low simply because pregnancy is not the competence of the Magician. The area for which every Major Arcana is responsible you can check in the store by looking at the description of individual illustrations.

Will my wishes be heard?

“we are definitely capable of working for what we desire and actually trying to make it happen.”
They definitely will be considered. The question is whether your desire will be fulfilled in the form in which you expect it to happen. The answer to that is not necessarily. High egregores and Higher Powers see us and our life path much clearer than we see it. Therefore, the fulfillment of the request depends on many factors. It depends on our readiness to get what we want, on the motivation of the request, on whether the desire is aligned with our destiny and so on. Nevertheless I’ll keep saying that our part of the work is to make a request. We are quite capable of lovingly asking the Higher Powers to help us and support us in our journey, we are definitely capable of working for what we desire and actually trying to make it happen. A bit later we can take a closer look about changes in our environment or state where we are at the the time and check if it started working or not.


You may want to immerse into deep meditation, to sit by yourself in silence connecting to the Major Arcana for a while, I would recommend to get two candles beforehand: one blue candle and one church candle.

Light the candles, place the image of your chosen Arcana next to you (you can put it on a table). Sit up straight, do not cross your arms or your legs, close your eyes, and sink into your body. Try to relax and listen to your breath, feel the temperature of your body, feel the clothes you are wearing, just stay with yourself for a bit. Next, I suggest you to go into slightly higher vibrations in order to communicate with the energies of the Major Arcana being in a light and constructive emotional state.

“Ask yourself questions like: What am I grateful for today?”

Feel the body filling in with love and gratitude. Ask yourself questions like: What am I grateful for today? Maybe you are grateful for life, for the opportunity to feel and think, for the opportunity to devote some time of your life to connecting with oneself and meditating, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask a Higher Power or God that today’s practice works in the best possible way for you.

After that you can open your eyes and look at the image of the Major Arcana. You can take it in your hands and look at it very carefully, noticing the smallest details of it. Pay attention to what you see. What colours prevail in the picture? What kind of textures do you see? Look for details in the background. Try to remember as much as possible.

Next, close your eyes and restore before your inner gaze the image that you looked at earlier. Now look carefully at that created image (keep your eyes closed), restore all the details you can remember. Continuing to examine the Major Arcana, move a part of your attention into the body, start noticing what sensations come from it. Does it feel warm or cold? Mobile or static? Strict and rigid or fun and easygoing? How does your body respond to that? Stay with these feelings for a while, let them just be.

Now you can greet the Arcana and it is now that you want to make your request. You could also describe the situation you are in and the struggles that you have to face . Ask a question, ask for a clue or for certain circumstances to come to your life path.

Regardless of whether you asked for something or not, thank the Major Arcana for this contact that occurred between you, thank for the experience you have received. After this you can slowly return back to reality, open your eyes.

In conclusion…

“Like everything else in life, practice makes perfect, and connecting to the energies of Major Arcana gets easier overtime.”

This was a description of a deep version of the meditation, however, you can touch these energies in shorter and simpler ways. Although I recommend using them when you already have a deep immersion experience. One way to do it is hanging an image of a Major Arcana on a wall in your house. You can “talk” to it whenever it’s necessary, sometimes even a quick glance is enough to connect with its energies.

And here is my favourite way! I usually put a Major Arcana on my phone screen. Depending on the life period, I choose the support of one of the Major Arcana which energy resonates to me the most at the moment. I leave it on the display for any period of time I want.

Like everything else in life, practice makes perfect, and connecting to the energies of Major Arcana gets easier overtime, you won’t even need any images at some point. Just calling it by its name and sending some attention towards it will be enough.

Give it a try, I wish you the best on your trials of subtle and dedicated meditations and I hope that this practice will benefit you!