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In the upcoming texts whenever I mention the word “transformation”, I will be talking about a noticeable and significant change concerning various aspects of one’s life or an individual him/herself. The value of significance of a change is determined by each one of us individually. While for some people, moving to another city will be an important event that can be defined as a transformation, for others the same issue will be considered routine.


Any transformation has one of two possible origins. They can be initiated by our immortal spirit in agreement with the Higher powers patronizing us, or they can originate from the creative part of an individual’s personality. These two types of transformation look and feel somewhat different.

Transformations 1 | Ella Tarot

In the first scenario, we notice how reality around us begins to move and change, the old ways and habits no longer work, it’s almost as we are pushed to another universe, whether we like it or not. When a transformation is initiated by our spirit, all that is required of us is not to resist the change. Therefore, the main obstacles here are related to the resistance of personality. With enviable regularity, we put spokes in our own wheels and not allow the miracle of life to unfold before our eyes. We become stubborn, resist, we don’t give a voice to our intuition, we insist on our opinions, assuming that we know better what kind of reality is supposed to be. The majority of the future posts will focus on the obstacles that come from an individual him/herself.


In the second scenario, we become the instigators of changes in our lives by wishing for more than we already have. We then begin to move in the desired direction. The main obstacles here are related to the lack of response from the world around us. Sometimes, despite our active efforts to achieve a specific goal, the progress is not visible at all. I will write a little bit about this type of obstacles as well.

By the way, the fact that we want to bring change within existing circumstances is not a sign of the second type of transformation. Sometimes, we want to follow the new path that is suggested to us by the higher powers. The difference between these two cases is usually felt at the very beginning of the transformation. It’s either the reality itself that suggests a new direction, or there are no prerequisites other than one’s own desire.

External and internal transformations.

Not only transformations can have different origins, but they can also be internal or external.

External transformations are associated with a qualitative, visible change in one’s life. These are shown in shifts that are hard to miss. Examples would be changing a profession, moving to another country, starting a family, getting a divorce, creating a business, and so on. It could also be something more ordinary from the point of view of an average adult. For instance, acquaintances with a strong friendship or with a real love for the first time. External changes can be initiated either by the Higher powers or by an individual.

Thus, a person may be destined to move to a specific country, which means that at some point life circumstances will urge him/her to move, providing inspirational examples, opportunities, and people who are able to help. 

In another scenario, an individual may be willing to move while his/her destiny contains no specific preference in terms of residence.

Transformations 2 | Ella Tarot
Transformations 3 | Ella Tarot

Internal transformations are related to personality and its ways of interacting with reality. Such changes can affect our habits, attitudes, ways of thinking, automatic responses, or values. They can also be initiated either by an individual or by the patronizing Higher powers. The principle is the same. 

We face multiple powerful internal transformations that are activated without our conscious participation during certain astrological cycles. For example, during the Saturn Return, which begins at the age of 28 and ends at the age of 31. 

And, of course, we can initiate internal change. An example would be learning a new habit.

These two types of transformations are closely interconnected. External changes often trigger the internal ones and vice versa. Nonetheless, these two kinds are different.

External transformations are usually easier to notice, which means they are somewhat easier to undergo. At least, it is clear what is supposed to be done. If I lost my job, all I have to do is look for a new one. 

Internal transformations are subtler hence more complex. I might have a stable well-paid job with great colleagues and an adorable boss. Yet recently I get an unreasonable amount of tasks. I work twice as hard and get everything done on time, yet I am pressured more and more every day. What happened? What am I supposed to do in this case? It could be a chance for me to learn to say “no” to my superiors and my colleagues. But it could also be a transformation pushing me to learn to slow down when necessary or take vacations on time. 

Despite the fact that internal transformations are a little more difficult to notice, in terms of importance, they are not an ounce inferior to external transformations. They might even surpass them. The change of the inner world many times affects the whole life, not just one of the areas, which is pretty cool! 🙂 it is a great idea to initiate internal transformations every once in a while and not wait for the circumstances to insist on changes.

Perfect transformation

Any transformation in its essence has multiple layers and several steps. Which means that obstacles might appear at any of these levels. We could give up at the very beginning of the transformation but we could also easily start resisting the change when the new reality is almost fully established. 

First, I would like to touch upon the qualitative changes that are initiated by the Higher Powers. These changes are important and rather special. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that such transformations are usually successfully completed. It’s only a matter of time before a transformation initiated by the Higher powers gets finished.

Ideally, if an individual is receptive, energetic, in touch with one’s desires, if internal conflicts and contradictions are minimized, if there is a developed ability to let go and trust the circumstances, transformations turn out to be very positive, powerful, and quite fast. 

In a perfect scenario, at the beginning of a transformation, an individual feels an impending change. He/she pays close attention to one’s intuitive impulses and takes time to analyze the current situation.  Inevitably, there will be a period of uncertainty, which requires an individual to slow down, observe, and stop running along the usual paths. In an ideal world, for a perfect individual, this stage will end rather quickly resulting in a clear understanding of a further direction and the appearance of a desire to move towards that direction. It’s only then that a person will begin to follow a chosen course of action, consistently and thoroughly letting go of old habits and acquiring some new ones. Opportunities will be used; discomfort and fear will not become a problem on the path. Finally, having entered the newly made reality, a person will be able to settle in it and not return to the usual old ways of life.

Perhaps, it would be easier to look into this matter by having an example.


Ideal transformation initiated by the Higher Powers.

Take an ideal person N. N is an actor in a cozy, modern theatre in a nice city. He is in demand as an actor, he has a good salary, which allows him to have most of the things he wants to have. N really enjoys the stage, as well as the art of acting. At some point, the time comes to change his profession from acting to teaching. Of course, it might not seem clear to N at the beginning. 


N will suddenly notice that his friends have recently talked a lot about their childhood, how they loved to go to school to learn from important memorable teachers. Moreover, N will begin to pay attention to flyers on the streets that search for tutors. A couple of new performances will be established in the theatre. These new plays will not require participation of N. It will seem like an era of the theatre is coming to an end. But where should N go? Would it be psychology? Or dancing? Maybe tutoring? Should N create his own school of acting? Perhaps, he could be an entrepreneur? N will remain in this uncertainty for some time. He might try himself in a couple of new fields. And one day he will be invited to give a lecture about the plasticity and movement of the human body at a children’s theatre school. N will teach perhaps for the first time in his life, and insight will come – this seems to be it! The best thing he can do right now is teach the art of movement on stage. Moreover, N will want to give lessons not just to anyone but to groups of children who are going to be future actors. 

For N teaching this subject would have a deep meaning as he wants to inspire others to manifest themselves, to express their emotions through the body in a way that even the people in the back rows are moved. An impeccable person N will not be stopped by the fact that he has no teaching experience or no special education.  Neither he will be stopped by financial losses that will likely occur during the transition between jobs. 

N will neither be confused by the worried voices of the loved ones nor by the inner voices of the scared parts of his personality. N will begin to move in a new direction, receive the necessary education, notice the opportunities offered and ultimately teach, successfully getting used to a new field of working.

I am sure, every single one of us managed to slip through the window of a new reality just as easily, briskly, and cheerfully, at least a couple of times during our lives. Most of the time, however, this scenario looks drastically different in the realities of living people. How many of us will hesitate when thinking about a possible drop in levels of income? How many will be stopped by the loud voice of fear or the categorical voice of pride?

We can slow down or face obstacles at any of the stages of transformation. I sometimes look back and see how an important change was knocking at the door of my reality about 10 years ago. Every time I think about it, I am amazed at how much patience the divine has.

The Higher powers are truly extremely patient. Some transformations can come to us over and over again. They ask to be allowed in our lives, sometimes for years, in an attempt to break through the rigidity of the mind. The only question is how long can we resist the change.

Speed of transformation

Transformations 4 | Ella Tarot

As I previously mentioned, the timeframe of this type of transformation depends on how long an individual resists the change. The more we resist, the longer it will take for the transformation to take place. The change may be interrupted and start all over again, or it can slow down at a particular stage. If N from my example was an ordinary person, he could get stuck, for instance, at the stage of letting go of the old ways of living. Having received the necessary education, he would continue working in the theatre, occasionally giving private lessons that would rarely satisfy him.

The good news is that if the transformation is necessary and important, and we suddenly decided to resist the next turn of fate, the circumstances will gradually become tougher, forcing us to stand steadily on a new path. If N stayed in the theatre, over the years, incomprehensible discontent would grow little by little. N would get less and less satisfaction when acting on the stage. The popularity of his performances would decline. He could even get fired.

A transformation that could previously have a very positive context, such as money savings, the support of friends or colleagues, in the presence of resistance acquires entirely different сolors.

We can go through transformations initiated by the Higher Powers fairly quickly, successfully, and confidently if we allow our lives to lead us in a partner dance. If we remove the emerging resistance of our personality and simply allow the circumstances to unfold taking their rightful place in a newly emerging reality. 

In the next two articles I will describe precisely the multifaceted resistance that is born inside a personality. How it occurs and what we can do with it.