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Tarot is an ancient, mysterious, and insightful system of analyzing human life. With the help of cards, we can take a look into the future, identify reasons behind the problems of the past, and gain wise advice regarding the present circumstances. Tarot can be equally helpful in all areas of our life: spiritual guidance, relationships, business, work, transformations, traveling, making choices, or creativity.


Our hands accurately reflect our personality, worldview, and unique abilities. Palmistry provides a detailed analysis of an individual’s character at the current period of life. It helps discover talents, reveal problematic aspects of one’s personality, and describe an individual’s ability to make and save money or start a business.

Emotion Image Therapy

EIT is a method of psychotherapy developed by a Russian professor Nikolay Linde. It works with chronic negative emotional states of different kinds. Being rather unconventional, this approach is efficient, gentle, and quick.

EIT helps your subconscious mind illuminate the dark corners of the soul and heal them.

About me

My name is Elvira and I am an esoteric practitioner and a Tarot reader. 

In my work, I use multiple instruments of analysis, such as Tarot, palmistry, and astrology, in order to accurately assess the problem and find the best possible solution to it. I am also happy to assist you when it comes to improving the current situation if I find it appropriate. In this case, I usually use emotion-image therapy, regressions to past incarnations, ceremonial magic, and coaching.

I am convinced that our destiny is malleable and we can transform our lives even when it seems that hope is lost. For my part, I do everything I can to help people build internal supports, spread their wings, and start moving towards qualitative change. 

About Me | Ella Tarot