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Hello, I am Ella.

Tarot card reader and esoterics practitioner.

Tarot, a whole different way to see the world.


You’ll be able to request some answers for those questions that have been inside your head for a while.


Gently touch the world of mysticism that is often very tempting yet might seem scary or unusual. I invite you to step out of prejudice.

About Ella

You can find more information about me, who I am and what I believe in.

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Paintings of Major Arcana, stones, candles and more.

How do the cards work?

I believe that this world which we live in has many areas that we’ve not yet discovered. According to what I’ve learned (and it seems very complete and truthful to me) all the records of what has happened (physically, mentally, emotionally) on our planet and what is possibly going to happen is “stored” in a specific “place” of the subtle world.  With Tarot and its very old symbolism we can access some parts of this “storage” and “read” the information. This is the shortest answer I came up with:) I am open to discussions in case you want to learn more regarding this world view.

Who are tarot readings for?

For those who ask questions, who are in love with life and are curious about it, who want to jump deeper in the mystery of the universe and get to know themselves a bit closer.

What is The Process Like?

It’s pretty simple! No matter what kind of reading you choose, each one of them has five simple steps. For more details I have created a list that you can explore.

1. First contact

You can order directly a reading with your question or you can also send me a message with your question or doubts and  I’ll guide you through the steps.

2. Define the problem and formulate the right question

Once we have determined which area are you most interested in and you have a clear idea of what is the root of a problem we will formulate a clear question to ask the tarot deck.

3. Selection of the reading

You can choose one of three different readings to find out the answers. Check out the Tarot Readings page to have a detailed description of each reading and figure out what works best for you.

4. Payment

You can complete your payment either through the ordering page using PayPal or your preferred credit card. Also you can send me a direct interac transfer, but please contact me first.

5. That's it! you get your reading.

Now I am ready to give your reading!

Tarot Reading Options

Email Tarot Reading

Choose a question or one area in your life that you would like to explore or have more clarity, after that the only thing you do is send it over by email or use the contact form.
More about email tarot reading
Once I receive the email with your question, I will contact you and start a conversation with you so I can have a clearer understanding about your situation and the best way to answer your doubts. My response to you will include a detailed analysis of the situation, (including the origins, what’s happening right now and what’s the advice that the cards propose to you if this is the case). This reading is good if you need to make a decision quickly or you don’t have time for a one on one meeting. However, it is an overall look that might lack some details that could be discovered while talking over a Skype session.

$19 CAD

Overview reading

This reading is done by Skype or in person if you are located in the Montreal area. The length of this reading usually takes from 45 minutes to 1 hour since it depends on the complexity of your situation and the amount of information you require.
More about overview reading
What can you get out of this reading? Simple! I will explore in a deeper manner the topic of your choice and most importantly I will be able to capture the essence and details of the question and paint a picture of the situation and possible outcome. In the end of the session we can come up with an effective strategy for action and examine which patterns of behaviour are causing the current situation.

$40 CAD

Reading + Coaching session

The main objective of this reading is to explore and discover the potential of personal development that you can achieve within a month.
More about reading + coaching session
I will concentrate on your current situation and we will touch topics such as: Which parts of your life need your attention right now? Do you have weak areas that need to be supported? Where can you find this support? and so on. the duration of this reading is about 2 hours through Skype or 1.5 hours in person if you are located in Montreal.

$65 CAD

About My Readings

Some people imagine destiny as a string stretched between two points: where you can neither take a step to the left, nor to the right. I personally prefer to define it using the following metaphor which portrays destiny as a wide river, where a man is sailing a boat traveling towards the ocean. The river has a direction and two bends, which can hardly be avoided by the boat. It also has stones, streams, little whirlpools and fish living inside. the boat will have to adjust to all of that.
More about my readings

However, it’s the captain of the boat who decides which direction to choose, how fast to go and which places to avoid. Thus, when we, being captains, choose or accidentally appear in the shallows of our river-fate, we often experience crises and stagnation, it is not easy  for our boat to move forward. On the other hand, when we surrender to the stream and follow, in a sense, our mission, the  idea of our being, the life starts moving freely.  This feeling is just damn nice to experience! To follow “the river”, yet create the beautiful own path. I want to note that free will and fate are by no means contradictory concepts, they only complement and expand each other. 

As a Tarologist, I need to truly understand where are you located in your river and what kind of boat you are piloting at the moment. Are you near the offshore in shallow water? Or maybe completely stuck in the reeds? Or you might be flying forward in full sail, enjoying the best time of your life? I’m here to find out what is happening right now in a part of your life, to look deep with a non-judgemental view into the core of the situation. Later, using this information and the advice of the cards we will find together, a solution to the situation, think of your own way out of the reeds back into the stream. If you are already there it’s the perfect time to find a way to expand your current situation, to help others around you and bring them along the ride. 

I mostly encourage transformation, change when it is necessary, be unique, do what you can, do what you like and be with people that are meant to be around.

The  consultations that I provide are not about seeing the future and figuring out whether my ex-boyfriend will propose to me or not (the future is very flexible, especially if it’s physical). My readings are meant for you to get a clear picture of what is your next step. I will empower you to answer questions like: Why am I in this current situation? What is the best thing to do?, Which decision should I make? 

You will have full control to make these decisions through acquired knowledge and not because I told you so. You’re the only one who can change your life and I can only guide you in the right directions to find your path. If we go back to our analogy I will be your radar and sonar but you will be the captain of your life.


Thank you so much! The readings were very precise! They fully described what was happening in my life at the moment. They also made me prepared for the upcoming events. I will definitely come back, thank you again!
Victoria E.

I got lots of tarot readings from Ella. For me tarot is helping me rediscover things about my life that I already knew deep inside. It puts my attention where it is needed right now and brings me back on track. Sometimes I also ask for options to see what decision can be made. Of course I never take readings literally but rather as an advice for a direction to take. In any case, Ella is a great reader, she does good interpretation considering personal situations and uses right words to convey the information. She is also really professional and takes her craft seriously. With that being said I feel always comfortable while reading is going on, whatever the information is given. So I  recommend for sure, both for people who have never tried tarot services before, as well as ones who are already familiar with it!
Olga O.