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Tarot is a book that speaks to a reader through its symbols. The combinations of Major and Minor Arcana in the spreads can describe any event in human life, whether it is a significant twist of fate, a family relationship, or a car breakdown. Such a description will be authentic and precise, as Tarot is a powerful instrument capturing information from the subtle plane. 

I work with the French Tarot system, which is based on the philosophy of the famous occultist of the 19th century Gérard Encausse. This system works great with both complex karmic questions and casual issues such as choosing an apartment to rent or a specialist to hire for a company. 

The Tarot consultation will provide you with clarity on the topic of your choice, as well as with practical recommendations that will help improve the situation or resolve a problem.

Here are a few topics we can explore during the consultation

Special Readings

ray of mission

This is a once in a lifetime Tarot reading that shows the type of energy an individual is most suitable for transferring in this world. The ray of mission helps to identify areas of self-realization and an individual’s innate abilities. Realizing the energies of the ray brings us luck, new opportunities, and most importantly, satisfaction. 

Tarot cards | Ella Tarot
Tarot reading | Ella Tarot


Aura is an esoteric reading that describes the current stage of an individual’s life and its main tasks. This spread provides specific practical hints for the upcoming month meant to affect the inner world, habits, and emotional state. It digs deep into human psychology and describes the current difficulties and strengths of an individual. Aura helps to get in tune with one’s destiny, shifts life to a better phase, and provides good support for a long needed transformation.

It is a very effective reading for those who want to actively change the current situation and have time to follow given advice.


This spread looks at 16 types of talents, considering three perspectives.

  1. To what level a given talent is developed by an individual already?
  2. How much support for this talent is given to an individual from his/her ancestral history and family
  3. Does a talent have anything to do with an individual’s mission and destiny?

The reading provides a clear picture of the current situation concerning an individual’s abilities and gives hints on which talents are worth developing. 

Tarot Future spread | Ella Tarot