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Transformations initiated by people.

The remaining part, which is much shorter than the first one, will describe the obstacles that we face when we become the instigators of a qualitative change. 

Sometimes we live a good, happy, and active life, nothing really bothers us that much. Suddenly we get an inspiring idea that we want to make a reality. We ask for more opportunities than we already have or sometimes for bigger chances than we are naturally able to receive.

As I’ve mentioned before, when a person initiates a transformation, the main obstacles he/she then faces are usually related to the flow of events (the external environment). 

A person begins to actively move into a new relationship, a new field of work, a new place of residence, but he/she does not find support from the life circumstances.

For instance, a single guy falls in love with a girl. They talk to each other for a couple of years as friends. At some point, the guy proposes to the girl to move in together and become a couple, yet she refuses.

Here is another example: a woman works as a programmer. She wants to switch from a full-time job in a big company to freelance. She is extremely inspired by her idea, she works hard on her CV. However, as soon as she begins looking for customers, she can’t find anything worthwhile. She only receives projects that barely pay the minimum wage, which is not enough for her family and does not match her working experience.

Transformations 3.1 | Ella Tarot

The reasons behind these obstacles are multifaceted. We have to take into account the free will of other people, the requirements of the market, and the flow of events. Some changes require more time than we are willing to give them. There is also an important role of the Higher powers in our lives. Certain dreams that we have simply go against our destiny, which means we will face plenty of obstacles that are nearly impossible to overcome.

In the next post, I will describe a little trick that I use to find out whether my goal is more or less aligned with my path or whether I am walking against the current. 

Test: am I going in the right way?

There is a fairly simple and working method to determine whether the chosen path is aligned with destiny.

Both examples are related to obvious external hindrances that cannot be ignored. Such problems on the path towards the desired goal may be extremely frustrating and may raise many questions. If the person I love does not feel the same way towards me, then perhaps I am not meant to be in a relationship? If I can’t find any clients, maybe freelance is not my thing?

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If each subsequent step on the path towards my goal is more and more difficult to make, then I am going in the wrong direction. It’s better to stop, analyze the situation, and figure out what makes me so persistent or stubborn in this particular matter.

If each successive action slowly meets less and less resistance, then I am going the right way. The difficulties I am coping with are natural troubles that anyone else could have undergone.

In order for this test to work, active actions will have to be taken consistently and systematically. If I want to become a freelancer and all I do is mention my talents to my friends once a month, this method won’t be useful.

Although rare, it could happen that the obstacles do not retreat despite the chosen path to be great for an individual. This is an unusual exception. Most of the time this test works just fine.

Some may object: but there are people in this world who dream of becoming an actor (a singer, a journalist, a lawyer) for 20 years. They fail hundreds of interviews, they persistently knock on doors, and eventually they become the top professionals in their field of dreams.

Some areas of development are not immediately available for us. Sometimes we need to gain experience in other areas before our dream becomes accessible. The question is whether we need to spend 20 years knocking on closed doors.

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I believe, it makes a lot more sense to focus on life and do other important things while occasionally checking back as new opportunities may open up bringing us closer to our dreams.